GRDC/ YPASG Snail Bait / Spreader Efficiency Trial

This exciting trial, funded by GRDC, took place from the 12th to the 16th of August. Four spreader types – Amazone, Kuhn, Bogballe and Vicon, along with ute spreaders were part of an intensive study in combination with snail bait varieties, Meta, Metarex, Slugga and Slugout to assess the efficiency and spread combinations.¬†Weather conditions were also taken into account with a weather station set up in the paddock.¬†Russell Nichol attended from Victoria to input data and create result graphs, along with GRDC reps, Adelaide University staff, SARDI scientists, spreader company representatives and YPASG staff. The testing took place entirely on Ashley Wakefield’s property with results to be written up in Ground Cover and distributed to YPASG as soon as they are available.

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